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 Because calories are not your story 

On a mission...

My clients know what good food looks like, heck many of them are not actually overweight. But when they look in the mirror a little black cloud rocks up and rains on their day. 

My mission is championing smart women to break the cycle of diet failure  & fall back in love with their amazing bodies now & when they reach their ideal weight.


Eating well - for health and happiness

Enjoying everything you eat 100% guilt free

Feeling like you truely understand your nature

Connecting with your body 

A passionate love for yourself 

Weight loss without being 'on a diet'

The support, guidance and championing you need​


Food that comes in drink form or a foil packet. 

A calorie counting system

Meal plans that you have to follow that take time & effort

Restricting Food Groups

Staying in because you can't enjoy an evening out - because you're on a diet

Fast Weight Loss - a false promise

Eat Love Live IS NOT a diet 

Before and After pictures (You'll never see them other than of me) -  each story is unique and personal

Hello and a huge welcome, I'm Rachel

I help women reach their ideal weight and fall back in love with their amazing bodies by ditching the guilt of dieting.

My story is probably very similar to yours. I was on a diet most of my adult life, I tried all of them, Mondays were for starting diets, I created lists every January the 1st, I ate just watermelon, I cut out all fat (remember that one, late 90s!). There was always that next event, that date somewhere on the horizon that I was 'losing' weight for. 

The turning point came for me when, in my career in marketing,  I went to work for the weight loss company I used to love. I'd spent hundreds of pounds with them over the years, but it was there that I saw the paradox we had created. The more women that go on a diet, the more weight we all gain. 

I was working with a coach at that time, and they helped me dig into the damage the dieting had done to my self esteem, my confidence to make great food choices and the potential damage I would continue to do, not only to myself but also to my daughter. My actions had broader impacts now than just me.

Working with my coach, and by deliberately doing the opposite of the dieting behaviours I had adopted all my adult life, I became happier, healthier and I reached that ideal weight - and here I stay. Eating well for health and happiness.

I retrained as a life coach and nutritional adviser and now I've championed hundreds of women to make the transition that I did, ditch the diet,  regain their confidence to make great food choices and fall back in love with their bodies.  I'm excited to share the approach and tactics with you so you can start to Eat, Love and just Live. 

My flagship programme is the Lose That Stone Plan. It's about simple changes working with how you eat, understanding your natural behaviours so you can get them working for you, and transforming your body confidence.

It's time to ditch the guilt.​

I'd love to get to know you better - connect with me on Facebook or email me at [email protected]  - Rachel xx

(PS - If you want to find out more about my story, and I bet it's pretty similar to yours - click here, I wrote a blog post - with pictures 😉 )

How to Eat Love Live

1. Eat Well 80/20

Regain the trust in your ability to make a great food choice, understand the balance of just living, just eating and just choices. You'll take back control from all the experts, appreciate your own food in your own environment, reduce your sugar intake and understand your own unique requirements for weight loss and weight maintenance.

2. Love Your Body

Fall back in love with your body, in and out of your clothes and appreciate all the amazing things that it does, so you can start to really move forward from a place of love. A shocking 95% of us believe that our lives would be better if we were thinner. I work with you so you switch off that critical inner voice and find a love for yourself.

3. Tame Your Tiger

One part of you really wants to eat well, yet one part of you dives in headfirst at the first sight of high fat, high sugar foods. It's perfectly natural, it's evolution and I'll coach you to understand why you can have different agendas around food and how to manage those agendas so you can achieve the goal you really want to.

4. Move Everyday

Movement can be walking, it can be cross fit, yoga or anywhere in between. The key is finding what you love and doing it consistently. I'll help you find your thing - so you can spend some time connected with your body on most days. Move every day comes in towards the end and is key to your success once the core programme is complete.