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Eat Love Live Manifesto

Be More Not Less – The Manifesto



1. Be more, not less. You are more powerful than you know, more beautiful than you believe and you deserve to love yourself.

2. Dieting doesn’t work. If you had a TV that turned on just 8% of the time you’d return it to the shop and tell everyone how shit it was. Stop buying a broken product over and over and believing it will work.

Eat Well 80/20

3. Be your own guru, you know your quinoa from your quality street. You’ve got this.

4. It doesn’t matter so much what you do, what matters is that you do it.

5. Keep it simple: improve just one thing, nail it, next. Complication kills consistency.

6. Embrace 80/20 – eat well most of the time and then have that slice of cake and love it.

7. Stay in the moment. There is no perfect time to start. No Magical Monday. Just the next moment where you get to choose something that works for you.

8. Low Fat or Zero Sugar = Chemical Shit Storm.

9. Reduce your sugar cravings don't replace with something worse than the actual sugar.

10. You can’t fuck anything up with one meal. Eat well in the next moment you can.

Love your Body

11. Love yourself & work on yourself.

12. It’s ok to want to lose 20lbs, it’s ok to want to be stronger, it’s ok to want to grow.

13. It’s not ok to hate your incredible body while you do that.

14. Your beauty is not defined by weight, it’s in your eyes, it’s in the way you move, it’s in you. Confident women are beautiful, light your spark.

15. Stop trash talking your body to others and don’t let others talk trash about theirs to you. Be their spark if they can’t find it in themselves.

16. We all have shit to deal with. Looking at someone and deciding they are ‘fat’ doesn’t help them and it definitely doesn’t help you.

17. You are not a before OR after photo. There is only now and there is only you and a choice of what you do next. What you were yesterday is not wrong, or bad or a before.

18. What you say to yourself really matters. Make it positive, make it powerful, make it love.

19. A real woman has curves/is skinny/has muscles is whatever the hell she wants to be.

Tame your Tiger

20. Be mindful, keep a journal. Don’t just record what you ate, record how you felt, and start to tame that part of you that roars around food, that ancient survival instinct.

21. Stay quiet about your goals, your approach and just do it. Only you can make this journey.

22. Don’t think a month, 6 months a year ahead. Stay in the here and now and make a great choice in the next moment you can.

23. Be thankful for everything, celebrate when you win AND celebrate when you learn.

24. Don’t lock yourself in a bubble, you are here to live. Love that 80/20.

Move Everyday

25. Make exercise something small that you can do and do it regularly for results.

26. 3 miles or 30 minutes every day is a beautiful guide.

27. HIITS & strength training will transform your body.

28. Weight loss starts in the kitchen; sort food first if you’re not a natural to exercise.

29. You are ready – just lean in.

With love – Rachel xxx

30. PS When you’ve lent in - then reach out. Bring 1 more woman with you, show her that she is more, stop her trying to be less and you will change the world.

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