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How to lose weight by doing the opposite of what you think you should do


Are YOU thinking of losing weight this year? If you are, hang on here for just two minutes. I want to tell you the one thing that will get in your way of achieving those goals and three things that will help you smash that one thing right out of the way.

That one thing? Going on a diet.

I know, how does that make any sense?

But hardly any people who start a diet actually reach their weight goal, it’s less than 10%. That is absolutely shocking; the weight-loss industry is growing by about 6% a year and alongside that, obesity is climbing at the same rate.

We’re created this paradox; that as much as we diet, we gain just as much weight. It just isn’t working; we’ve been trying this for the last 70 years and we haven’t seen any results. 

So, three tactics today from the first pillar of Eat Love Live – Eat Well 80/20 – that will get you off to a brilliant start for 2017 if you apply them.

Number one, the first thing is don’t say “I’m going on a diet”.

Don’t mention it, don’t tell your friends and family, say nothing, keep quiet about your goals and ambitions. Not saying it is really, really important because you are programmed to eat and you probably under-estimate how important food is to you, us as a species – the hierarchy goes air, water, food, shelter: food is more important than your house!

So the minute you try and reduce or limit your food intake or drastically change what you are eating, your body reacts and your survival instincts kick in. When you start a diet you make lots of changes and you will under-estimate the importance that food has for you, your survival. Don’t under-estimate the impact that “I’m starting a diet” has on waking that survival instinct. Don’t say anything but just start making the next good choice you can in the next moment that comes to you.

Number two, your diet is already better than you think.

Most of my clients already know how to eat, know what 5-a-day looks like, maybe already enjoy foods such as quinoa or avocado.

Their lunch and dinner are absolutely fine and that can be lasagne or a sandwich for lunch. These are not foods to be demonised, lovely, unprocessed, good foods.

Challenges lie in snacks, sugary breakfasts and alcohol in the week. So we are going to focus on changing one thing at a time and when you decide you are ready to start this journey, I just want you to look at your snacks.

You might want to keep a diary for 3 days or so and see how you are snacking / eating between meals. I guarantee that’s where your extra calories lie so I want you to prepare to replace them with fruit, veg, rice cakes, lean protein, a few nuts are OK and natural yogurt.

Have those things to hand because if you have a great snack strategy and just do that, that will be enough to tip you into a calorie deficit and you are going to start losing weight. You aren’t going to have to change your lunch or your dinner. So if your breakfasts are already fairly low sugar – eggs, toast & marmite, oats – then you can leave that meal alone as well and just focus on your snacks.

Number three, Eat Well 80/20.

You have to love that 20% which means that you love every second and not feel guilty about it the next day. You get up tomorrow and make the best choice the next time you can but right now, the absolute key is not feeling guilty.

You can afford, in the context of a week, 21 meals, to have 2 where you don’t think about it at all. It might be a burger or your Sunday lunch. What is key is loving it and enjoying it. It isn’t a cheat day, or a sin, it is just food - eat well for health and happiness.

So those are my 3 tips – don’t go on a diet, don’t even say it!, change your snacks and love that 20% without feeling any guilt. If you can do all those three things you’re on your way.

I’m really excited for what you can do in 2017 just ....

Don’t say “DIET”!

Rachel xx

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