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How to REALLY lose weight fast


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So – 10lbs, fast. Hmmm

Yes it’s possible – we need to draw a line in the sand for what fast is though. I would allow 4 weeks NOT 2. If you lose 10lbs in 2 weeks a lot of it will be water retention which will steadily creep back on. Detox diets, shakes and juice cleanses all have one thing in common – and that’s weight regain.

The difference in the way I coach is it’s 100% focused on action and consistency. By keeping your food choices simple and helping you understand and tap into your behaviours you can eat in the way that serves your goal day in day out.

OK – the steps – ready?

1. Keep it simple – work with what’s already working (Don’t make huge changes you can’t stick to)

Choose 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 4 dinners that you currently enjoy that are unprocessed and low in sugar. You are JUST going to eat these over the next 4 weeks. Simple, repeatable, food you already eat and love. For evening meals you can cut back on white refined carbs like pasta and rice for yourself (replace with cauli-rice and vegetables instead of pasta), and then the family can be topped up with some extra carbs so you don’t all melt away.

EG – Right now this would be my plan -
Breakfast - Boiled Eggs/Porridge
Lunch – Tuna Salad/Soup/Oatcakes Philadelphia & Veggies
Dinner – Turkey Meatballs & Pasta/Grilled Chicken Salad/Vegetable Chilli/Chicken Sausages & Mash
(Assume 2 portions of veg with lunch and dinner)

2. There are only 2 choices for snacks – again removing complexity.
Snack: Fresh fruit OR Veg only – I have 3 or 4 snacks a day, have what you need.

3. As we want to lose a little faster we’re going 90/10 rather than 80/20 which means 1 meal that’s ‘off the grid’ each week.

You can’t do 4 weeks in a bubble and never go out but 1 evening is 1 evening. Not a weekend. I loved the emoji response the other day that some of you gave because you can kind of see in the pictures that there is a slide off at the end of the week into the weekend. We find it easy to eat well Monday to Thursday but then we sort of head into a 3 day weekend which is where a lot of the challenges lie. 80/20 it isn’t!

To lose weight a little faster we’re doing 90/10.
You need to plan ahead a little for a month, stick to one off the grid a week and have a blinking lovely time guilt free.

4. No booze – even one glass a night will cock it up.
Alcohol is allowed once a week with 1 meal out/or off your plan.

OK -- part 1 complete. That's how we simplify the calories in/out equation part. Normally most folks stop here and that's why they fail. But not you 🙂

So how about the mental side? How do you get into and stay in the groove of doing this every day for a month?

1. Weigh just once a week, at the same time of the day and don’t give the scales any power over you. It’s just a measure.

2. Don’t say diet – just start now – at the next meal – make the choice to eat well in every next moment RATHER than saying you’ll start Monday and building it up and crashing. Just stay in the moment.

3. High 5 yourself every single time you eat in a way that works for you – mentally tell yourself that you are a frikkin superstar and you’re doing this FOR YOU. Positive talk rather than beating yourself up is so key. Seriously, it's a mental star sticker - you are retraining your brain to LOVE eating well, rather than love high sugar/high fat.

Celebrate what you've done and how far you've come in that day; DON'T focus on what you've got to do, and why you've failed before. Stay in the moment and celebrate even when it's a learning that you can't go past a Valerie's Patisserie without being dragged in by your own good self (the learning there was to walk another way home ;-)).

4. Keep a journal or a notebook – write down how you’re eating and how you’re feeling – eating mindfully is a great way of helping you manage your Tiger and see what’s happening around food.

5. Walk away from cakes, sweets, buffet tables – just walk away, fast, before your Tiger turns up. Grab some fruit and eat that and you’ll keep him busy.

6. Don’t tell anyone what you’re doing – no one’s business – everyone has a view on weight loss. Whether you should, whether you shouldn’t, what you should eat. That’s not the hard part – it’s the doing it – and by keeping quiet and cracking on, you’ll quietly and confidently put those days under your belt and see the results with every day that passes.

7. If you do slip up, dust off and keep going – it’s the single biggest determining factor in your ability to succeed. Your ability to pick yourself up and make a great choice in the next moment.

Hugs -Rach xx

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