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1. What kind of people get the best results working with you?

The Lose That Stone Boot camp is for you if:

  • You have between 5 and 20lbs to lose.
  • You are frustrated with trying  to diet.
  • You eat pretty well already, you like vegetables and fruit, you're familiar with oats and other grains.
  • You are curious to learn more about yourself and who you truly are - you want your sparkle to shine through.
  • You've probably already been on a journey to eat healthily, you may have a family and it's become more important to you as you feed and influence them with their food choices.
  • You know you eat well but yet you know it shouldn't be this hard to lose weight.
  • You want to give sugar the heave-ho.
  • You want to love your body and love your clothes, and stop judging yourself on your weight.

This programme is not for you if:

  • You believe you may have a medical issue that prevents you from losing weight - please see a Doctor before embarking on any plan.
  • You want rapid weight loss fast in a week.  Lose that stone -  aims for weight loss of 2 lbs a week - at a safe, sustainable rate - that means as you lose weight you can keep it off. Fast weight loss invariably comes back on again.
  • You're not a huge fan of vegetables and or fruit and you eat a lot of processed foods. If you're diet is just plain bad, high in saturated fats, sugar, salt and processed food you probably need to start with the basics. Consider working with one of the traditional weight loss companies first (Rosemary Conley, Weight Watchers, Slimming World) - and learn the basics. 
  • You quite enjoy trying to lose weight, it's part of who you are, you don't really believe you'll ever reach your goal. If your curiosity and drive is a bit flat then wait until you really want this and then check back in. My clients are curious, they know that they do have the potential to achieve their goal with support and guidance.

2. I only want to lose half a stone - is this right for me?

  • Half of my clients have less than a stone to lose - it's so much more about mindset than what you are actually eating. This programme is perfect for you as you'll lose those few lbs but also get that balance of love and appreciation for your body. 
  • If you are looking to reach a BMI of under 18, then this programme wouldn't support that.

3. I'm a vegetarian - will this work for me?

  • Yes absolutely - the programme is personalised to your diet, during our first week together where you complete your Eat Love Live 360 Review, we'll get a picture of the food in your environment and we work with that for your initial Game Plan - we then create and optimise that with 2 personalised Game Plans in your 9 weeks.  The Lose that Stone Boot camp is so successful because it is tailored to you completely.

4. I think I am intolerant to certain foods, can this help me?

  • If you  believe you may have a food intolerance, but you don't know for sure and are looking to exclude food groups or food types you need to work with a dietitian or nutritionist.  I am a nutritional adviser which means I am qualified to work with your calorie intake vs calories expanded and your general balance of nutrition,  supporting you to get that healthy balance in your diet to achieve your goals. It's the same qualification a Personal Trainer has, which I combine with my Life Coach Certification to focus on supporting clients. A nutritionist or dietitian will work with you to diagnose intolerance's and to dive into detail on the specifics of your diet. 

5. I've got a holiday coming up - can I take a break?

  • Yes you can take a break - just let me know the week you want to hold on so you don't start getting chaser emails for your diary!  

6. How do I know if I'm ready to work with you?

  • Do you believe that you have the potential to lose weight if you could just unlock it? For me the watershed was realising I was going to be 40 in a couple of years, I didn't want to hate my body anymore and  I didn't want to pass that unhealthy view down to my daughter. If you want the next part of your life to be different, where you are confident with your body, in love with your reflection in the mirror and you are eating well for health, which might include losing weight - or just plain darn happiness and enjoying a night out with friends, then then you are ready.

7. What kind of results can I expect?

  • In terms of weight loss - if you lean in to my Game Plan recommendations as soon as we start you can lose between 1 and 2lbs a week. In terms of mindset the shift is significant - results include wearing shorts, having bare legs, having a wardrobe that's full of clothes you can wear, not feeling like you have to judge yourself against other people, being an inspiration and a role model for healthy eating to those around you. Making diets a thing of your past.
  • THIS BIT IS IMPORTANT: There are no Before and After photos on this site - other than of me, which I use to tell my story. Aren't you tired of feeling like you have to qualify your photos from your 20's or 30's by how slim or 'fat' you were? Who gets to say that the before is bad and the after is good? We know that photos are so easy to make look great just by breathing in (Bikini photo? Cough right before you take it, instant abs!). A before and after photo indicates just that moment in time, it demonizes the curves that we develop and hero's weight loss that on most diets just doesn't stay off. This is also a personal and private journey - I love feedback and clients share how they feel about the programme in the form of reviews which you can find some of on the website. There is only now, you and your beautiful body, and the next choice that you have to make. 

    8. How is this different to other weight loss programmes?

    • The Lose that Stone Boot camp focuses on what you are eating and who you ARE around the food that you eat. Who you ARE opens us to explore the relationship you have with your amazing body, and we work to make that a strong, beautiful and harmonious one. Anything is possible when you start from a place of love rather than loathing. This is life changing - not just shape changing. 

    9. Why have you designed the Boot camp like this?

    • Your plan is unique and tailored to you - and our first week is spent understanding how you eat and your unique food environment so we can make the best plan. This is the difference between success and failure, we make the smallest number of changes to deliver the best results, and we keep making small changes over 8 weeks so you keep getting results without feeling overwhelmed or like you are on a diet,
    • The daily online journal keep you accountable and allows me to check back with you and give you feedback on how you are doing, It's super easy to complete, you can have it as an app on your phone home screen and check in daily. 
    • The Online mindset modules are there to break out out of the 'on a diet' mindset, and empower you with the skills and knowledge to develop a positive relationship with food and your amazing body. They are available online in your private ELL members area so you can complete them in your own time and refer back to them if you need to. You'll have forever access to them.
    • The Facebook Group and the Facebook Live sessions s give us the opportunity to to build the skills like layers so you can really lock them in and make them your own.

    10. How much work would I need to do  to see results?

    • You'll complete your diary each day which takes about 10 minutes and then send it to me at the end of each week. The coaching videos include worksheets to complete, and I recommend clients put aside 30 minutes each week to complete them online.  You also won't have to do unusual shops to buy for a food plan, as we work with your food and optimise and tweak as we go, so it's not a huge 'I'm on this programme' thing.

    11. What's it like working with you in this way?

    • You'll feel like you have someone who truly sees you and understands what you need to move forward - it's a close experience and you'll be able to lean on me for support or share with me your successes - my only aim is your success, and that can mean a lot when it comes to helping you stay accountable and on track to achieve your goal.
    • I'll call you out if you get stuck spinning on an issue, or I'll point out a success that you may not have seen, my feedback is 100% focused on you - which gives you a really strong place to work on yourself and be successful from.
    • As well as our weekly email catch up, l and mobile for those 'OMG what just happened OR I DID it' times - I'm in email/text respond mode in the evening and will get back to you that day.

    12. Do you offer refunds?

    • Yes - Well more than that actually, you can check out The Lose that Stone Boot camp for 5 days for free - no money will be taken. If it's not for you just let me know! Once I create your first unique Game plan - after you send in your 36- Review, then you're in the Bootcamp for real and we'll be working towards your goal. No refunds are offered after that time. You may pause the programme for a period if you need to - for example for a holiday or an emergency.

    13. How do we start working together?

    • As soon as you start you'll begin your 360 Review. I'll also be in touch to clarify your goals, challenges and what has and hasn't worked in the past for you. I'll then send you your personalised plan ready to start with at the end of your first week.  Each week you'll complete an online coaching exercise and send me your diary for feedback. You'll also receive a 2nd Game plan at the start of your second month. 

    14. What does Lifetime membership really mean?

    • Once the whole programme is complete you'll always be able to check in and review and use any of the content. You also have access to the ELL Resource Library which includes recipes, sugar free cheat sheets and other content that you might find useful. You'll also start a forever member of the Tiger Taming Society - the exclusive group for clients on Facebook - for continued inspiration as you transition to a life at the weight you want, free of diets.

    Got a different question? 

    Just ping me an email  - [email protected]