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The Lose that Stone boot camp

The Lose that Stone boot camp is an intensive 9 week tailored programme for smart women who are ready to see the results they really want.

Your personalised plan + 1-2-1 support at every step

  • Lose that stone* without feeling guilty or deprived; your tailored plan will support you to enjoy everything that you eat and you'll be giving sugar the heave-ho.
  • Understand why you sometimes do the exact opposite of what you want to do, and master your mindset so you can achieve your goals.
  • Fall back in love with your body now AND when you are a stone lighter, working on yourself from a place of love rather than loathing.

The next programme starts Monday 26th June


Are you ready to lose that stone?

Hi, I'm Rachel Streek. Through my work in weight loss coaching over the past 5 years I have created, tested and perfected a 4 step formula for achieving your ideal weight without the guilt of being on a diet.

The result is The Lose That Stone boot camp - a 9 week intensive programme that fits with your life, tailored to your unique needs and delivered in a personalised step by step approach.  By the time we finish working together you'll have lost up to a stone and gained all the skills you need to stay there, free forever of the guilt and hassle of going on a diet.

Imagine eating regular delicious food, enjoying family meals and nights out and still seeing your weight go down. Imagine really loving your body  and not comparing yourself to others, feeling confident to wear whatever the hell you want. Imagine rediscovering your sparkle and knowing how to keep it lit from within. 

What they're saying ...

Lucy - Spring 2016 ClientBerkshire

"I've had an epiphany which I feel I need to shout about. I suddenly realised that for the first time ever I'm not exercising because I want to be thin, I'm just running because I love running and the feeling it gives me - I can't remember the last time I set foot in the gym or weighed myself, but I am getting more compliments and I feel healthier, fitter and more confident than I ever have. Take that, Tiger, I am WINNING!!" - November 29th 2016


"I am so pleased with the new habits I have developed, which have enabled me to eat more healthily whilst still enjoying my favourite foods and lose weight. I have also learned to be a LOT kinder to myself which has made me so much happier. It really has been life changing!"


"I feel fitter, healthier and happier in myself, not to mention better equipped to enjoy my new lifestyle. Rid of the ongoing diet driven lifestyle, I am finally free from my food traps and in control of my eating habits.Thanks for reminding me that I am unique, wonderful and worth the effort. You're a life saver. x"

What you'll get with the programme

A plan tailored to you

 In our 1st week together we'll get a really clear picture of how you eat today and where to focus to get results. You'll then get your personalised plan, tailored to your unique food environment and a daily online journal to complete so we can stay connected on your progress. 

Weekly mindset training

I'm betting you know what eating well looks like, you know your avocado from your quinoa. But eating well & doing it consistently to get results is a different matter. I'll help you break out of that 'on a diet' mindset to one of eating well for health and happiness. You'll rebuild a positive relationship with food and get a huge dose of body confidence.

121 Support at every step

You'll work closely with me through the programme. As well as our daily journal catch up, we'll also have two one to one calls, one in your first week and one in middle of the programme.  There is also a private group for the programme where I'll host a weekly Facebook live session.

Freedom from the diet trap

You'll transform who you are around food & ditch the guilt of 'dieting' for good. Imagine... It's the 1st of Jan 2018 and you DON'T want to lose weight. (Yep), You might be working on an element of your diet or fitness like increasing your water or getting stronger but you are fundamentally happy. You no longer feel guilty around food and goddamn it you love you!

My Promise ...

If you can't say  'This is me!'  after 14 days you'll get all of your money back.

This is a 'lean in' programme, it's intensive but sometimes the stars may not align for us. If you've completed your journal each day but you still don't feel it's for you then let me know after 14 days  and I'll return your payment in full. 

How the programme works ...

You'll be following your personalised plan for the programme & as well as your daily online journal that you share with me there is a weekly mindset topic with a video in the Eat Love Live members area & assignments to complete each week in our private Facebook group so you lock those learnings in. 

WEEK 1: Create Your Strong Foundation

Complete a diary of how you eat today and get set up with the strongest foundation to achieve your goals. We'll also have our 1st 1-2-1 call this week to get clear on what you want to achieve and how we can make sure you get there.

WEEK 2: Your Game-plan

You'll get started with your unique Game-plan. You'll have a maximum of 3 changes to make that will create that crucial calorie deficit  for weight loss WITHOUT feeling like you're on a diet.  We focus first on sugar.

WEEK 3: Tame Your Tiger

You'll learn how to tap into your willpower & manage those moments when you're reaching for something you know won't serve your goal. This is powerful stuff!

WEEK 4: Work your WOW Mindset

The ability to make small changes consistently is what drives successful weight loss. In this training you'll develop a mindset that allows you to celebrate those little wins in every day and keep moving forward.

WEEK 5: Get the power of context

You'll break the 'All or Nothing' diet mindset and learn to love your 20% as well as your 80%. Mastering the expectation that you CAN enjoy all-inclusive holidays, long weekends and foodie treats without throwing in the towel on your goal.

WEEK 6: Game Plan 2.0

We'll look back at the last 4 weeks and I'll work with you on a 2nd personalised plan to take you through the second month. We'll make adaptions again so you continue to get results and you'll have absolute clarity around what works for you.

WEEK 7: Fall in love with you

We'll start to work on body confidence this week - understanding where you are super critical and how you can let go of that loathing so you can work on yourself from a place of love

WEEK 8: Your new story

The stories we tell to ourselves become self fulfilling. We'll work on your new story for where you want to be, and who you want to be, free of dieting, happy with your body

WEEK 9: It's just what you do

We'll connect all the skills together and you'll work with me to create your plan going forward

And there's more...

Once the programme is complete you'll have access to all of the programme content and training for good AND you'll receive these special bonus goodies. This bonus section unlocks as soon as the programme is complete.

Low Sugar Recipes

100 Recipes for when you've quit sugar

10 breakfasts, 25 lunches, 25 meals and a WHOPPING 40 snack solutions. Tried and tested by me or my clients & all taking less than 30 mins to prepare.

Wildcard coaching call with me

Book a follow up coaching call with me at anytime in the 6 months after the programme. Refresh, get help with your plan, whatever you need.

90 day walk workout plan

Walk Workout 12 week plan

I'm obsessed with walking, I'm a walking coach and this programme will take you step by step (get it!) through a plan that will get you from couch to fit.

The Body Weight Workout

The body weight workout

I'll be bringing a guest coach on-board here to give you a body weight workout that you can do anywhere to give you great results. 


"Working with Rachel has changed the way I feel about my body and the way I eat, She hasn’t just changed my diet but also my whole thought process. So thank you for everything - PS I just wore a bikini for the first time ever on holiday! "


"I have dieted may times over the years with varying success, but this is the first time I have lost weight and felt like I am not on a diet.

Not only am I losing weight but I feel so much more confident about my body."

Join me for 9 weeks this summer, lose up to a stone* and transform the way you feel about yourself.  The Lose that Stone programme starts from just £149, so for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you'll have a coach by your side so you stop being inspired to lose weight and you actually do it.

Are you ready to actually lose that stone, give sugar the heave-ho and ditch the guilt of being 'on a diet' for good?  Rach xx


1 payment please

Pay for the programme in full - save 25%

  • Personalised plan developed for you
  • Online daily journal
  • 2 x 121 coaching calls with me
  • Weekly assignments to transform your mindset
  • Private Client only Facebook group
  • Weekly Live stream Q&As with me
  • Save 25% when you pay in full
  • Risk free - if its not for you after 14 days you'll get all your payment returned



Monthly chunks please

Pay over 4 monthly instalments

  • Personalised plan developed for you
  • Online daily journal
  • 2 x 121 coaching calls with me
  • Weekly assignments to transform your mindset
  • Private Client only Facebook group
  • Weekly Live stream Q&As with me
  • Risk free - if its not for you after 14 days you'll get all your payment returned

£49.75 x 4 payments

If you have any questions, if there's something you just want to double check, then have a quick look at the FAQs here!

" There is nothing like the feeling of never having to say ' I'm on a diet' again, loving your body completely & knowing what food nurtures you. Confidence IS something you can learn "

Rachel Streek -  Chief Tiger Tamer

* Weight loss will be different for each client, a stone (14lbs) is well within your power in the 9 weeks. Clients with the most weight loss lean in from the start and make the recommended adjustments that will be uncovered after your Strong Foundation week. All clients experience a significant shift in the way they feel about their amazing bodies.