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The No. 1 behavior to adopt for success


Today I'm going to let you into my secret - it's the single thing that I do day in day out whether I'm working on health, happiness, weight loss - whatever my goal is. And it was the most effective behaviour for me in losing and maintaining my weight loss. It's the central building block of Eat Well 80/20 - the first pillar of Eat Love Live.

We know that being 'on a diet' isn't the thing that will actually work for our weight loss goal. Most of us when we start to diet, trigger the diet fail cycle and we go into a tailspin. It sort of looks a little something like this....

Tomorrow is Monday and that may mean you're starting to flex your muscles and get serious again about losing weight. I'd love you to be successful with that goal and NOT trigger that diet fail cycle.

Here comes my secret - the heart of Eat Well 80/20 - How about you focus on just one thing for this week?

Instead of going 'on a diet' - pick one area of your diet that you know isn't working for you. It's likely to be sugary or carby snacks between meals and after dinner or ​wine. (Working on that wine post!)

Let's say you choose snacks as your focus area,  because that's typically where most of our excess calories life if we want to create that calorie deficit for weight loss.

And let's say you have a 3 'snack moments' eat day.  A healthy grain bar of sorts at 11, crisps at 3pm and you have a handful of biscuits when you get in from work.

Now rather than KILLING yourself and overhauling everything you eat - how about this week - just for the next 7 days - you sort the afternoon crisps. You could pick any one of the snacks to focus on but let's go with the crisps for now.

Replace it with fruit, or veggies and hummous or salted popcorn. AND just do that. All week.

Then next week - let's tackle the biscuits - replace it with apple & nut nutter, or a nutribullet smoothie or a cup of tea if you find it's more habit than hungry.

So now it's a fortnight from today and by making those small changes, you will have knocked at least 200 calories from your day.

Then in the 3rd week tweak that mid morning snack - those bars by the way are a nightmare in terms of sugar content - check them out! You are aiming at a sugar content of around 5 grams for a snack (Fruit excluded).

And 3 weeks from today you will be consistently losing weight - without feeling like you are going on a diet. ​

What if on the 4th week you decided to focus on walking for 15 to 30 minutes every day?

"The single biggest factor correlated with growth is... never giving up"

Make just one change each week and by the end of a month you'll have taken a huge stride - in 3 months you'll be a big way towards your goal.​

OK OK, I can hear you ...  "Rach - seriously - who can be bothered with that. I want to lose weight now!!"

Here's the leap of faith I want you to take - you've been trying to lose weight, all those diet attempts have been because you want to just lose weight. What if you could live well with your food, enjoy your body and have success?

What if instead of focusing on your goal, on weight loss - you focused on the tactics you'd need to build into your life and celebrate those?

If you stop 'trying to lose weight' and start trying to insert new, lush, good habits over those habits that are causing you to gain weight - you will win.​

Don't half ass one two things, whole ass one thing!

That is literally my favourite quote in the world and I use it all the time (I have a tendency to do too much, does that sound familiar to anyone else, if you do it too fee free to use this quote!).

What would your one thing be this week? Let me know - PM me if you'd like someone keeping you accountable to making that change - and break your diet fail cycle.

Pick one thing, nail it, next.​

Rachel xx

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Rachel Streek - Life Coach. Nutritional Adviser. Blogger

I work with women to help them reconnect with their amazing bodies, succeed with their ideal weight goals and throw off the guilt and failure of dieting for good. 

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